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Why these countries?

Tackling deadly diseases in Africa provides hands-on technical assistance in five countries that are highly vulnerable to disease outbreaks. Each of these countries’ health systems face numerous challenges in responding to health threats, putting their populations at risk.

Four of the five countries in our programme are in the area of sub-Saharan Africa known as the Sahel, one of the world’s most vulnerable regions. These French-speaking West African countries share borders with a cluster of Ebola ‘hotspot’ countries who receive ongoing support from the international community. Our programme seeks to fill this support gap, relative to their near neighbours. This is one of the reasons for our selection, so that TDDA’s assistance can really make a difference and save lives.

Uganda, meanwhile, faces health security challenges linked to the high number of people it hosts who have been displaced by conflict. 

Common Problems, Unique Solutions

Though they face similar challenges, the social, economic, and political environments in each country are very different. Our programme is therefore designed to be highly flexible. We conduct regular Political Economic Analyses which enable us to adapt our approach to the unique circumstances in each country.

Cross-Border and Regional Approach

Building on TDDA’s country-specific approach, we also conduct cross-border and regional activities where they can help to strengthen health security. For example, we work to encourage a shared approach to health checks at points of entry, as many countries in the region have highly porous boundaries.

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