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Action against animal-to-human disease transmission, July 2021

Hear how the TDDA is helping Cameroon's government to raise awareness of the risks of zoonotic diseases

TDDA joins government representatives on a field trip to the Yoko area
TDDA joins government representative on a field trip to the Yoko area

From 5th to 8th July 2021, TDDA visited the city of Yoko in the Central region of Cameroon, 274 km from the capital Yaoundé, to support representatives of the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife in their efforts to raise awareness among local people and administrative and traditional authorities of the risks of transmission of wildlife diseases (zoonoses).

Zoonoses, such as anthrax, brucellosis and TB, are diseases that can be transmitted from animals to humans. They are highly dangerous, which is why it is important that we support the government’s efforts to reach out to people whose working activities and environments put them at high risk.

Field trips were organized on the first and fourth days of our activities to raise awareness of the dangers among log transporters. On the second day, we held a workshop for bush meat sellers, attended by administrative authorities from the city of Yoko. The TDDA team also visited the village of Doumé on the third day, to share information and advice with local poachers. In all, 103 people (39 women, 64 men) took part over the four-day programme.


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