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Building trust in uncertain times - report (Oct 2022)

Reflections from our four-year health security strengthening programme.

Tackling deadly diseases in Africa was an ambitious, multi-country programme, which worked to strengthen health security in six sub-Saharan countries that are highly vulnerable to disease outbreaks. Adding to these clear challenges, TDDA was conceived before - and implemented during - a global pandemic. This report distils the team’s learnings from our four-years of delivery in Cameroon, Chad, Côte d’Ivoire, Mali, Niger (until 2021) and Uganda.

Trust is the report’s central theme. We offer suggestions for how similar projects might build trust and bring everybody round the table, as part of a multi-sector, whole-of-society approach that will keep more people safe. Our aim in sharing these insights is to guide designers and funders of future programmes who seek to learn from TDDA’s challenges and to build on its successes as we all strive for greater global health security, with no-one left behind.


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