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Cameroon celebrates World One Health Day, Nov 2021

TDDA supports a co-ordinated approach to strengthen health security.

TDDA supported Cameroon’s celebration of the 6th World One Health Day, which took place in Yaoundé and Mbankomo (1-3 November 2021). The launch event was chaired by Dr Conrad Nkuo, Coordinator of the Zoonosis Programme who was representing the Secretary General of the Prime Minister's Office. It was attended by all sectors involved in the National One Health Platform as well as several financial and technical partners, including TDDA Cameroon.

Dr. Yannick Kamga, TDDA’s Country Coordinator for Cameroon, spoke after the event to explain why "One Health" matters:

“Health security is a shared responsibility. With human, animal and environmental health so closely inter-linked, we require a national One Health strategy that coordinates action across these sectors. I am delighted to see so many ministries and sectors engaging in this approach, which was reflected in their representation at this event.”

During the ceremony, Dr. Kamga presented a suite of communication tools on health security, developed and produced with our technical and financial support. These were designed following capacity-building workshops for civil society organisations (CSOs), which we organised in partnership with the government and held during July and October 2021. These tools and trainings equip CSOs to play a vital role in communicating with communities around health risks, helping to tackle COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy and supporting wider government health security initiatives.

TDDA's Dr. Kamga, speaking at World One Health Day
CSO communication tools, presented by TDDA

TDDA also provided financial support to a One Health roundtable with stakeholders and partners, where we gave a presentation on the main achievements of the One Health project as well as future prospects and plans.

A further element of the celebrations was a One Health case competition. CSOs, who had previously received the training in health security, were challenged to develop a communication plan in response to a public health event scenario.They made presentations in plenary and a jury evaluated their performance, showcasing the benefits of our earlier capacity-building initiative.

CSO competition winner receives trophy

Commenting on the benefits of building the role of CSOs in health security plans, and on World One Health Day in general, Dr Kamga added:

“Coordinated policies and strategies can also be supported by a coordinated, “whole of society” approach to health security. I am pleased that our work with CSOs, alongside our support to the National One Health Platform, is helping to make shared responsibility a practical reality.

“I very much hope that the momentum I observed during the celebrations will result in the harmonious implementation of the One Health approach in Cameroon.”

TDDA’s work in Cameroon is delivered in partnership with Fondation Mérieux and implemented through Centre Pasteur du Cameroun.


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