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Cameroon: Insights for health security strengthening (Oct 2022)

TDDA's final Cameroon newsletter reflects on how momentum can be maintained.

After almost four years of support from the TDDA programme, Cameroon is on a path to building stronger health security systems. We are proud to have been an ally and facilitator in this progress that will help keep communities safer from infectious diseases and other health risks. As we depart, this exit document offers some insights into what we see as the most crucial next steps to continue strengthening health security on behalf of all Cameroonians. They include:

  • How Cameroon’s National One Health Platform can continue strengthening multi-sectoral coordination

  • Why civil society’s role in health security needs to be formalized, with ongoing support

  • What next to ensure health security is integrated into all national and subnational plans

Read TDDA’s exit newsletter for Cameroon here

We offer special thanks to Centre Pasteur du Cameroon, with whom we have worked to deliver our programme, in partnership with Cameroon’s Ministry of Health and Foundation Mérieux.

The TDDA programme closes in November 2022.


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