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Côte d’Ivoire: Insights for health security strengthening (Oct 2022)

TDDA's final newsletter for Côte d’Ivoire reflects on how momentum can be maintained.

TDDA’s insights into what we see as the most crucial next steps towards achieving Côte d’Ivoire’s health security ambitions are set out in this final country newsletter, after almost four years of TDDA’s operations in the country. They include:

  • How the National One Health Platform’s multi-sector coordination role can continue to be strengthened

  • Where there is more work to do to fully realize the potential of civil society as health security actors

  • What next to ensure the National Action Plan for Health Security translates into action

We are also sharing our learnings through meetings and events, aiming to inspire others to continue supporting the country’s progress towards greater health security for all Ivorians. The TDDA Côte d’Ivoire team held an exit event (7 October 2022) involving a range of government stakeholders, international partners and civil society organization (CSO) leaders. This was organized in conjunction with an event evaluating the World Health Organization’s five-year plan, to which TDDA was invited to contribute.

The TDDA programme closes in November 2022.


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