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Monkeypox and other zoonotic emergencies planning (Aug 2022)

TDDA Cameroon supports multi-sector simulation exercise and improvement plan

Cameroon’s National One Health Platform was supported by TDDA to carry out a table-top simulation exercise (17-21 Aug), which tested and refined plans to deal with disease outbreaks of zoonotic origin, such as Monkeypox.

A virus thought to originate in rodents, Monkeypox is known to have repeatedly jumped species to infect humans. It is endemic in Cameroon, according to Africa Centre for Disease Control warnings in May 2022.

In public health emergencies, coordination is critical. This is why we were delighted to see a broad coalition of stakeholders involved in the simulation exercise. They included the heads of sectoral ministries, laboratories, the Research Center for The Health of the Armed Forces, World Wildlife Fund, other international technical and funding partners, and the ROOHCAM CSO network, formed with TDDA support.

The participants thoroughly tested cross-sectoral capacities for coordination, surveillance, communication, and the management of response operations. The exercise was immediately reviewed and the group reached a consensus on an improvement plan, including actions to:

  • Finalize the national Monkeypox control plan and monitoring guidelines

  • Develop a protocol for managing Monkeypox at community level, through health facilities and wildlife facilities

  • Develop the management manual of the Animal Health Emergency Operations Center (CCOUSP) by integrating standard operating procedures, staff training and equipment

  • Assign permanent staff for the operation of CCOUSP

  • Establish mechanisms, and clearly define roles and responsibilities of coordinating bodies at all levels

  • Develop public health emergency communication operational plans

  • Formalize and operationalize the wildlife monitoring network

These improvements will help to protect Cameroonians from the threat of dangerous diseases that are too often transmitted from animals to humans.

TDDA’s work in Cameroon is delivered by Centre Pasteur du Cameroun, in partnership with

the Ministry of Public Health and the Fondation Mérieux USA


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