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Rabies diagnosis boost, Mar 2022

TDDA Uganda donation increases national veterinary laboratory diagnostic capacity

TDDA is assisting the Ugandan Department of Animal Health, Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries (MAAIF), to enhance diagnostic capacity for Rabies at the national veterinary laboratory, Entebbe.

Rabies is a deadly viral disease that is passed from animals and humans. Without treatment it is 100% fatal. However, it is also completely preventable through vaccination. The vast majority of human cases originate from infected dogs and continuous vaccination of 70% of the dog population annually can cut off this transmission. MAAIF procures Rabies vaccines for dogs but post vaccination sero-monitoring, necessary to assess vaccine effectiveness, has been a gap. Yet it is only by protecting dogs that we protect humans.

During a handover ceremony (25 Jan 2022), TDDA donated anti body test kits, veterinary surgical kits, saline tablets and other resources - some of which cannot be sourced in Uganda - to support diagnostic activities and vaccine efficacy monitoring.

The Commissioner for Animal Health, Dr. Anna Rose Ademun, voiced her appreciation for TDDA’s assistance. She noted that since inception in 2019, TDDA has supported the surveillance and outbreak response to key zoonotic diseases, making a significant contribution to both animal and public health.

In response, Dr. Winyi Kaboyo, TDDA’s country coordinator for Uganda, acknowledged the active and responsive working relationship with staff at the Department of Animal Health.

Dr Ademun receives TDDA donation from Dr Kaboyo
Dept. of Animal Health staff unpack Rabies kits


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