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Strengthening health security: Building the role of civil society, Dec 2021

Case study: CSO capacity-building initiative, supporting COVID vaccine rollouts and wider health security activities

Faced with the COVID-19 global pandemic, we have a collective responsibility to ensure that people everywhere can access vaccines. Equally, we cannot lose focus on the important but often overlooked work of strengthening the systems necessary to deliver protection against this and other diseases. In countries with limited resources, this requires community participation and a “whole of society” approach.

TDDA’s pioneering capacity-building initiative is designed to unlock the potential of civil society organizations (CSOs), equipping them with the knowledge and skills to support government health security initiatives for the longer term as well as COVID vaccination programmes here and now.

Read our case study, detailing how we are working in practice to build local health security capacity across all five of our focus countries. Features a spotlight on Mali.

CSO workshop participants in Côte d'Ivoire


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