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Supporting Africa Cup of Nations preparations, Dec 2021

TDDA Cameroon supports work to strengthen plans for managing health challenges linked to international tournament

Cameroon is hosting the Africa Cup of Nations international football tournament from 9 January to 6 February, 2022. It is expecting thousands of visitors and a significant mixing of populations. The health risk associated with the event is very high, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic still ongoing. We were therefore keen to contribute to the country's preparedness to face this important health challenge.

TDDA, in collaboration with WHO, provided technical and financial support to organize a training exercise, simulating the management of a public health emergency at Douala International Airport. Taking place from 27 to 29 December 2021, this exercise made it possible to test the systems, plans and procedures in place. Capabilities were assessed and gaps identified in relation to coordination, surveillance, risk communication, case management and security. A number of recommendations were made and Cameroon’s Ministers of Public Health and Transport, who attended the simulation exercise, immediately gave instructions for our recommendations to be implemented.

Reflecting on this outcome, Dr Yannick Kamga, our country coordinator for Cameroon, noted:

"By proposing and supporting this simulation exercise, we have successfully helped the country to manage the health challenges associated with hosting the Africa Cup of Nations but also for the longer term. TDDA has also demonstrated its ability to provide leadership and deliver a high-impact activity, which has improved our programme’s visibility with national stakeholders."

Passenger testing at Douala International Airport, Cameroon
Ministers of Public Health and Transport, plus other authorities, attend the simulation exercise

Full-scale simulation of the management of a suspected case of Cholera in the context of COVID-19


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