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Ugandan CSOs trained in health security (Oct 2022)

Official list and locations.

TDDA worked closely with government to strengthen community participation in health security. In 2021, we organized workshops to build the capacity and capabilities of civil society organizations (CSOs) to support government health security efforts. In partnership with the National One Health Platform, we organized workshops for 29 staff from six health-related CSOs, providing them with training in Health Security, One Health, and Gender Equity and Social Inclusion.

In 2022, we went on to support four of our CSO partners (COTFONE, HEPS, TIU and UDN) to cascade the training to a further 14 affiliated CSOs. This creates a total pool of 20 CSOs and increases the initiative’s geographical reach. These CSOs are now able to be mobilized quickly in a public health crisis and provide a strong community voice in health security, on behalf of marginalized and vulnerable groups.


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