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Widening support for Cameroon’s One Health CSO Network (Jul 2022)

TDDA supports meeting, helping to secure a voice for civil society in health security

TDDA recently supported the second coordination meeting between the Government’s National One Health Platform and ROOHCAM, the civil society organization (CSO) network that was was formed following our 2021 capacity-building initiative, which trained community groups to assist with Cameroon’s national health security activities and COVID19 vaccine rollout.

To diversify support for the network, the World Health Organization, sustainable development experts GIZ and USAID were among the technical and financial partners invited to participate in the meeting, held in Mbankomo (13 July, 2022). Reaching out to these organizations is part of our responsible exit strategy as we approach the close of the TDDA project in November 2022.

At the meeting, ROOHCAM officials presented the vision, action plan and main achievements of the network to date. During the exchanges, the partners expressed their interest in supporting this network going forward, recognizing the need to integrate it into the National One Health Platform as a representative of civil society.

ROOHCAM agreed to dissemninate activity reports and finalize its strategy, action plan and manual of administrative and financial management procedures to further demonstrate its operational capabilities. They also committed to promoting membership of the network to new CSOs to expand its national coverage

TDDA welcomes the interest of the partners present, as this coordination meeting is the last one TDDA plans to support. We will continue our advocacy efforts to ensure the sustainability of this important initiative for health security in Cameroon.

CSOs not only provide additional health security capacity but also occupy positions of trust among communities and can help to access vulnerable, often hard-to-reach groups. Their involvement is vital and gives a voice to communities, helping to ensure the health needs of all people are met.

Read our case study, describing our work to build CSO capacity across all five of our host countries

TDDA’s work in Cameroon is delivered by Centre Pasteur du Cameroun, in partnership with

the Ministry of Public Health and the Fondation Mérieux USA


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