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Our common ground (VIDEO) (Oct 2022)

Chad documentary about a new dynamic of trust and collaboration between govt and CSOs.

“CSOs are truly important because they are the ones able to mobilize the population. They are the ones who can help us communicate.”

These are the words of one of our contributors in this inspiring documentary, entitled “Our common ground”. Filmed in Chad, it tells the story of the burgeoning partnership between civil society organizations and the government, as part of a One Health approach.

The essential role of CSOs in health security is one of the most powerful insights we have gained during our four-year programme. Across our five host countries we have built the capacities of over 200 staff from more than 110 CSOs, working with ministries of health to deliver training in health security, health equity, risk communication and community engagement. CSOs' positions of trust among the communities they serve mean they are now ready and able to help ensure health security interventions can reach even the most vulnerable and most marginalized people.

Our common ground

Watch the full documentary (19 mins)

Or watch the documentary short below (6 mins)


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