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Epidemic risk:

24.3 million*


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Epidemics are frequent. The five years before the start of the TDDA programme saw epidemics of cholera, bacterial meningitis, influenza, measles, yellow fever and poliomyelitis.

Cameroon’s health security development falls in the middle of our focus countries’ range. It shares borders with fellow TDDA country Chad, as well as Nigeria, CAR, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon and the Republic of the Congo. 

* National annual projection, Jul 2019

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Meet our Country Coordinator

Prof. Omer Njajou is an expert epidemiologist who joined the Tackling deadly diseases in Africa programme in January 2020 to coordinate our work that is saving lives in Cameroon.


Previously, Omer worked for the University of Minnesota on the USAID-One Health project, taking a holistic approach to human, animal and environmental health. He was the Senior Technical Lead on the project as well as Coordinator for Francophone Africa. Omer is experienced in designing, conducting and analysing epidemiological studies, including environmental studies and clinical research. 

Omer is a Professor of Epidemiology and Public Health and has taught public health, epidemiology, biostatistics and research methodology in several universities across the globe. His qualifications include a PhD in Epidemiology & Biostatistics from Erasmus University in Rotterdam, a DSc in Genetic Epidemiology and a Master's in Medical Parasitology & Entomology from the University of Jos, Nigeria.

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Prof. Omer Njajou, DSc., PhD. Professor of Epidemiology & Public Health